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Silky Sands, Turquoise Water and Spousal Sanity during a relocation. #unwind

Moving around the world is stressful, time consuming, but it has it's perks. Learn how to survive an international relocation, enjoy the best of what each country has to offer, #unwind and appreciate the little things that keep couples enjoying life together! 🥂 💕

I remember the first time my husband told me the company was relocating him to another country. 😨 I was a new mom of twins, I was sleep deprived, I was extremely stressed out with the daily life of being a new mom of two, and very tired. My family was nearby, helping me out with the babies, and the idea of leaving them behind scared me. But I never actually panicked. Why?

“Trust your spouse's judgement, and keep asking questions.”

You’ll have hundreds of questions. I did. About the move, about the packing, about the furniture, about hiring a nanny, about the new location, about schools, about what to do with our vehicles, about when and how I would be able to get a job, there are soooo many questions when you #relocate internationally. Don't be afraid to ask them, and don't be afraid to ask other people's opinions about your decisions and your concerns - it takes a village sometimes.

"Think about it: If your spouse is considering #relocation based on a job opportunity, he or she probably made those considerations before bringing the idea to you."

Grow together.

If your spouse is the one being relocated for work, the worst thing you can do is to take the role of a #passivefollower". Resist the temptation of thinking that an international relocation is going to cause more harm to your life, your career and your marriage, than good - it won't. I have seen marriages being broken because one of the people wasn't interested in relocating and assumed the other person should - and would - give up the idea. Amanda, from the blog "The Us Equation", has a great quote:

The Inspiration Lady blog has an amazing list of Benefits of setting goals as a couple:

  • The simple act of sitting down and figuring out your priorities and intentions as a couple can be a great way to bond and grow closer.

  • Sometimes there are things on our minds or things we’d like to do, but we forget, with the thousands of other things that we think about.

  • Actually sitting down to set goals (and write them down) ensures that we get them done.

  • Setting goals as a couple helps you strengthen your relationship by working as a team toward the same objectives.

  • Setting goals together helps couples stay in (or go back to) the “newlywed” phase of marriage, by making plans and dreams together.

  • Setting goals as a couple strengthens communication in your marriage because you both get to voice your desires, dreams, and plans – both individual and as a couple.

  • Reaching your goals together gives you a sense of accomplishment and happiness with each other and your marriage.Setting goals together allows you to bring up and work through any issues you may be having, like financial problems or problems in another area of life/your marriage.

  • As newlyweds, setting goals with your spouse teaches you a valuable lesson of sharing and working towards a common objective with your spouse.

So go on and work as a team, figure it out together, as you would in any other circumstances in your marriage. Take the time to enjoy the new adventure together. I won't sugar coat it for you: its scary, it's nerve wrecking, it's stressful, but it's extremely beneficial for you as a person and for you as a couple and your family to go through a relocation and, later on, talk about your experiences and have that incomparable sense of accomplishment. #wedidit.

"Time passes VERY quickly, those memories will stay forever with you as a family and you might never be faced with the opportunity of experiencing an international adventure together again."

Once you're in the new place, use all the chances to #relax and #unwind you can get in the new location, as a couple - go for a walk on the beach, try a new coffee shop, go on a cruise or just out for dinner in a new exotic place. Re-write your ideas, and move forward. Use these #unwind moments to talk about your concerns, your worries - but also plan together, set goals, and find ways to achieve them. The outcome of this experience will definitely surprise you (for the better) and if you are both engaged into making this happen for the benefit of the entire family, the positive outcome will be felt by your family and you will all grow together.

#unwind watching the Burj Al Arab, Dubai

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