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#PackingDay: How to find something when you don't know where it is! 😱 😬

Picture this scenario: you've just arrived in a new house, in a new country that you probably don't even speak the language, you don't have a car yet....and your kid runs a fever, or you run out of diapers, or your cat starts to puke all over the floor and you can't find a simple paper towel to wipe it off! Sometimes, its a silly little thing you KNOW you packed it, but you have absolutely no clue in which box it is! Moving is a daunting task - even for people who have done it many times! If you fear the "packing" part, let me tell ya....the "unpacking" part is what took my sleep in so many occasions...until I finally got the hang of it! I'll tell you how:

1. Pack your "#openmefirst" box .....with items you will need first. This box won't be very big. Don't worry about making any sense whatsoever in what you will put in this box - just imagine yourself arriving in the new place with only one box - what would be in it? What are the items you will need first? Customize this box for your own/family needs.

For me, it was usually a coffee machine/filter/grounds, some paper cups/spoons/sugar, a good mug to sit down and unwind when you need a minute ( don't pack your favorite mug - it could break! Just pack a good one.), then toilet paper, a roll of paper towels, a pretty kitchen towel, paper cups/plates/knives/forks/spoons, dish soap/sponge ( in a tiny bottle, otherwise they won't pack it), and maybe a snack for you and the kids and some cereal bars. In this box, later on I learned to put ALL the TV remotes and ALL the bed/furniture screws in labeled #ziplock bags. Yeah, the movers are supposed to do that, but instead, make sure you tell them to give YOU all remotes and all screws, instead of packing that box themselves - you probably will have trouble finding their box, it happened to me many times until I learned what to do.

Label the box with a huge #1 on all sides, or use a different color tape so the box can be easily spotted. (another great tip: use different color tape to mark the boxes for each room, from Young Wifey's blog.) Resist the temptation of using #PostIt to mark your boxes - they WILL fall off.

2. Pack your "#openmesecond" box". This is a larger cube box, big enough to fit pillows (with pillowcases on) for everyone in your house, fitted sheets for yours and the kids' beds, and blankets or quilts. Don't pack the top sheet - you won't need it at this point. Then, pack also towels for everyone, shampoo/conditioner, a bar of bath soap, some tub toys for the kids, and everyone's PJ's.

Tip: Include a #newtoy for the kids in this box.

3. Pack your #emergency box, with your baby medicine, inhalers, nebulizer machine, pet medicine, a flashlight and anything else you might need in case of an emergency on your first day or two in your new place.

I also like to include an #openmethird box with toys for the kids, including bath toys and some items to keep them entertained while I'm busy - you might wanna take a look at my post, 5 ideas to keep kids entertained when you're #uberbusy. If your moving company is not packing your house for you, make sure you subscribe, I will make a post soon giving you some ideas about packing (and unpacking) without losing your mind.

You can subscribe here.

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