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How do you "Eat an Elephant"?

When you find yourself in front of a mountain of tasks to complete, just remember how you would eat something really large. There's only one way to do it: one bite at a time*.

*DISCLAIMER: no elephants were harmed and no elephants were actually eaten during the writing of this post 😇 .

Nothing seems more discouraging than being exhausted and waking up to an endless to-do list, while your twins jump on you, saying: "Mommy, mommy, let's go to the park!" 🥺

“I am so tired, I can't feel my face when I smile.”

You've been there before....admit it. If you have a little one that kept you awake the night before, trust me, I've been there many many times. So let me break this up to you gently.......there's only one day to do this: get out of bed, and focus your mind on the ONE THING you have to do next ( in my case, it was always coffee and two baby bottles, to keep them busy until the coffee kicks in and my mind began to function ☕️+🍼🍼 . DON'T feel tempted about thinking of the hundreds of things you need to do today. Use those precious minutes to recharge, reload, restart, or however you wanna call it. That is YOUR time, use your morning routine and focus on it only, it will help clear your mind to focus on the "elephant" ahead. Enjoy it.

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