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Dear Girl from Ipanema, Welcome!🥰

From Rio beach sands to dune bugging in Dubai.

The beginning of my journey. The place I used to take my books and study while getting a tan. (Ok, disclaimer here: it wasn't always that empty! haha) Hot, hot, hot! Always full of people, sometimes TOO full of people, so locals know exactly what time to go, what time to leave, and which days of the week to avoid. I'll tell you more later!

“ Brazil is always a party. You can tan and mingle with the locals on the country's seemingly endless beaches, from Rio's glamorous Copacabana to the unspoiled treasures along the northeastern shores. In the vast interior, outdoor adventures thrill: take a spray-soaked boat ride into Iguaçu's raging waterfalls or spot exotic wildlife in the Pantanal. On rugged treks through the Amazon rain forest or on shopping expeditions in São Paulo's chic boutiques, you will plunge into a vibrant mix of colors, rhythms, and cultures."Brazil Travel Guide", Fodor's Travel

So yes, I am Brazilian. Please, don't take that against me, lol! I was born and raised in Rio and began to learn English at age 11 ( thanks, mom!) at a very prestigious private school I used to go to after my regular school hours, 3 times a week. I graduated in English at age 17, and from 17 til I graduated University, I never had any opportunity to use it other than reading textbooks. A few years after graduation I applied for a scholarship and ended up at Penn State. Fast forward a few more years, I met my better half, a Canadian expat, and our journey around the world began - and is still going strong, twins, two dogs, three cats and 15 years later!

Focus on essentials!

Since this is my first post, I won't make it too long. If you are an expat family looking for some info about how to keep your sanity while going through an international relocation ( or many), with your family ( including pets!), I hope you find my blog interesting and hope my tips solve some of your concerns. Trust me, it's easier than it looks, and in the end you'll learn how to focus on the most essential things: your family's physical and emotional health. Everything else that can be bought or borrowed, is non-essential. Stick around!

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I'm Claudia, freelance writer, blogger, follower of Christ, expat wife, mother of twins, Architect, Chef, golden retriever and cat lover.  I'm passionate about cooking, travel, piano, gardening, crochet. Read more


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