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And ....here we go again!😬🚚📦📦📦📦

I lost count of how many times people have asked me: "But you are staying here, right?" and I answered "Yes, we are not #moving again..." only to have to bite my tongue a little later! I have said that to friends, neighbours, and worse....to employers! In the beginning of our "#adventure", I would maybe wait a year until I would start saying that. This time it took me about 3 years to begin saying that ( I wanted to make sure....) but coincidence or not, it looks like the moment I begin saying it, the universe conspires and BAM!, here comes another move🚚📦📦📦📦. When will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut?🤐

Well.....yes, we're moving! AGAIN! This will be our ( counting fingers) 11th full move in the last 16 years - and I'm not counting the temporary moves from the house to a temporary furnished #accommodation until we found the other house, which happened at least 6 or 7 times...in one of these times we had to live THREE MONTHS in a #hotel room without a kitchen ( we only had a microwave and a bar fridge).

Since you probably have already guessed I'll be as busy as busy can be for the next few months, I'm sorry if I begin posting shorter posts...now you know the reason! I am working on:

Selling our current house

Finding a new house ( it's going to be the one we'll retire in - I hope)

Picking the right High School

Keeping my sanity

Not overstress on little things

Keeping my teenage kids moods and fears under control ( no, you're not losing all your friends!)

Keeping my marriage in check while moving

Not overspending on fast food when I'm too tired or have no time to cook

Not gaining weight (because I'm overspending on fast food🤪)

Please bear 🧸 with me, I will come back as early as I can - writing actually relaxes me and organizes my thoughts. But please, don't leave me.....stick around to learn more about where we are going and where this new adventure is going to be! And if you feel like commenting to help cheer me on, please do! I need all the support and encouragement I can get....after you've done this so many times, you do have the experience, but it takes it's toll on your ( and your family's) physical and mental ability to deal with it. I really appreciate your support!

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